Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! It was quite cool this morning when I left to take Alexis to school---and the sun does not seem to come out until much later. The pool has not been played in for quite awhile now----I think it is time to put it in the garage. I am so ready for a little rain--I just love the sound and the smell of rain. This is my Fall wreath---I used one of those wreath's you get at Michael's and wrapped the leaves around it--I do this every year--I am not very crafty, but I do try--what I lack in talent--I make up for at least in effort...LOL---okay, did that make sense. Some of you make such beautiful homemade cards----this year I am sending out these cards--with a little ghost on them and some cute little stickers

Last night, I made a spaghetti meat sauce, but I served it on Macaroni--and then I made this awesome salad----it had everything in it, celery, cucumber, green peppers, green onion, carrots---etc--but the best part was Avocados----they are on sale right now for 1.00 each----they are usually 2.00 each--The dressing I used was a white balsamic vinaigrette--it came in this salad mix I had gotten--my husband said it was pretty good.

Tonight's dinner will be------> CHICKEN!!! Mashed potatoes, Peas and of course a salad:)

P.S. Spell check is not working today for me in blogland--so please forgive the mistakes--I triple checked it, but my spelling is just awful!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Dont worry about the spelling. I spelled a word wrong on a blog and another blogger made fun of me. Isn't that mean. People can be mean. Thats why I like you. Your blog is the one that introduced me to this whole blogging world, I just googled "monkey crunch" and it took me right to you:)

Caroline said...

We took our pool down around Labor Day. This morning our temperature was 50 brr - it is a nice 75 now. The evenings are getting cooler and our leaves are starting to change into their fall colors.

Anonymous said...

Your food sounds good! Your wreath is cute!!!

Charree said...

I really like your wreath it is very cute and festive. I hope you enjoy the cool mornings. I am hoping to get some fall weather soon.

Have a great day!