Friday, September 12, 2008

Some Decorations!

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone is well and having a wonderful day. I want to share with you some of my decorations that I put out for October and Fall---spooky, huh? I have collected these over the years, some are very old and some are very new---these are just a few--as I bring them out and remember, I will take pictures and share my decorations, so check back often to see how I decorate---I just totally love the feeling of this season--I just can not wait to jump out of bed and get my days started.

Walmart find--look at the little rats--ewwww

.99 cent store find
My Friend Michele gave this to me
Alexis and I made this cute little craft a long time ago--I think we were in Georgia--I got it at Michael's
My little tree with ghosts.
Candelabra...and last but not least--this is not a decoration, but it is a new cream flavor I bought, and I have to say it is very yummy---it reminds me of the holidays when I drink it---I am waiting for the pumpkin spice and the eggnog creamer to come back:)

Also, last night, I made Pork strips, but I used the recipe that Kelli posted over
HERE for the Country Ribs---the Pork Strips tasted wonderful in that homemade sauce--you have got to try it---I will be trying her yeast biscuits soon.

Tonight, I have not yet decided what to make for dinner--I have some cleaning to do before this weekend, because I have some thing to do tomorrow. My sister owns a vacation rental in Dana Point--and the people are leaving tomorrow morning--and she has a 200.00 cleaning fee that she gets, so I am going to go over there and clean the rental for 200.00--pretty neat, huh?

Happy Friday!


Shirla said...

Julieann, your decorations are all so cute. :) I'm lucky if I get my fall wreath hung on my front door.

Christina said...

The little ghost tree is so cute Julieann!

Have a great weekend my friend! :)


Dana said...

I love decorating for Halloween, i went to Walmart and picked up a few things this morning. Cant wait to see more of your decorations. Oh I tried your breakfast casserole
it was great, I added green bell peppers and onion. Yummy.

Mimi said...

I'll have to try that Creamer flavor.

Have fun decorating!

Sondra said...

Looks great! Did you make that ghost tree? It looks handmade and very cute.

Lori said...

Juliann, Hi~

Love all your fall/halloween decor!

Thinking of you,