Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!I put Fred out a couple days ago--he seems to be happy to be out of the garage:) He is such a happy little scarecrow. I just love decorating for fall. Do you know that FRED was searched the most on my blog last month...LOL.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend----ours was nice. I am so happy to start a new week though. It was rather chilly this morning---I put a sweater on this morning taking Alexis to school, and she wore a little jacket.

I am going to be doing my shopping tomorrow, so my new menu will be put up tomorrow or Wednesday--but on the menu for tonight is Baked Chicken with Roasted potatoes, Green Beans and a salad.

Here is a picture of my sweet little boy!
Do you all remember me talking about my older son growing a beard--well, I kept telling him I want it shaved off--the more I told him to do it the more he refused--OH, how I wanted to hold him down and just cut it off---I did not like it one bit--well--I stopped talking about it for awhile and you know what?---HOORAY--HE SHAVED IT OFF!!! He looks so nice---YAY!

This week I will be decorating for fall.

Happy Monday!


deezie said...

Hi Julieann,
Me and the girls just decorated for Fall today, oh how much fun I had doing it too. My neighbor loves Summer so much and was getting upset when I was telling her all the things I was putting out today, Yea for your son shaving!!!

Ronda said...

Hi Juliean,
You little one is sooooooo adorable. I could just reach right through the computer and grab those cheeks. glad ur other son *shaved*. I know that mad you happy.
Love & Prayers,

Kristina said...

Fred is back! I can't wait to get out my "autumn boxes". Hubby says next weekend. yipee! I love this time of year, but I wish it was cooling down here, too!

Heather K said...

Happy decorating!! I usually do it in the fall too....but don't feel motivated to do it yet...I think I'm living in denial of summer ending! It was only 7*C this morning...around 44*F I think. brrrr..I love to sit out in the warm sun in the summer is my favourite season and then winter! but don't you find fall seems like a time for new beginnings..a time to start I think I feel a post coming on here! lol..
take care
I love that picture of little Kevin..he is just a little doll!

Christina said...

I'm really looking forward to decorating for fall, I just wish it would cool down here, we still reached 90 today!

Good to see "Fred" back!

Happy Monday Julieann

Mamabear said...

Love the pumpkin centerpiece! What a great idea. I just set out three darling miniature gourds on the mantle, from last Saturday's farmer's market. Summer tiptoed out on me again, leaving me completely surprised. How did that happen?!
My vacationing plants will need to return indoors soon...we're down below fifty tonight. Brrr!
Can't wait to hear/see about the cranberry wreath.
Happy for you that Tony shaved. Yay!! My husband's family has native American roots in their heritage. One of the younger men (24, I think) just cut off his long hair for the first time in his life. He can't get over how differently he is being treated. He had to experience this for himself to understand what his parents have been telling him for years. BTW, he got a BUZZ!! How's that for change?!
Do you have any tried and true that you like for pumpkin?
Take extra good care,