Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Little Birds!

I am so happy my little bird's beak is all fixed---and their wings are clipped again, so hopefully I can work with them again---The blue bird is kind of mean--and the yellow bird is so sweet. The blue bird's name is *Blueberry* and the yellow's name is *Sunshine* . They were a gift from my husband--My green bird passed away last year--and she was sooooo sweet--her name was *Baby*. Anyway----are they hard work? YES!!! ...LOL. I have to clean up after them constantly--the feathers and the seeds go everywhere, so I am constantly vacuuming, sweeping, etc---they love to be around people so I am constantly moving them around the house where the action is---they love to go outside and be sprayed with a spray bottle when it is real warm----They are constantly chatting--so sometimes, I have to cover them so Little Kevin can nap in quiet. Thank you for looking at my birds--when I take them out of the cage, I will take a better picture of them. Ohhh--I almost forgot----I was aksed if they are expensive--the birds themselves are about 12 dollars at the pet store--and the cages are kind of expensive--this cage if I remember was 75.00--and they eat a lot...LOL:)


Shirla said...

Awww Julieann your birds are darling! My Mama used to have a bule one like yours. You will love this, his name was Petey and he used to sit on her shoulder while she was washing the dishes and he would say, "Whatcha doing, huh"? ;)

Swansong said...

SO cute! I had a blue parakeet named tweety. He/she was so friendly. I didn't have to clip it's wings and I could leave the cage door open. When my mom would go into my room to vaccuum when i was in school twiggy would fly over to her shoulder and hang out. LOL