Monday, September 29, 2008

My Fridge!

Happy Monday to you all--here is my fridge. I went to the .99 cent store and bought 5 more containers (They always seem to disappear here)---and then I went to the Farmer's Market and bought an abundance of veggies. At the Farmer's market--You could spend about 12 dollars and get everything you need for a wonderful week of veggies. This week I spent 40.00--but I also bought fruit, bread, tortillas, garlic cheese toasts, rice, buttermilk--etc--there is just something about the Farmer's Market that makes everything look so good.

Celery was .50 cents each, Green onions .50 cents each, mushrooms were under 2 dollars--lettuce was 1.89--Green Leaf and Romaine---Radishes were .50 cents each--I also got cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, green and red bell peppers---lots of yummy veggies

...and then I found these at the grocery store---how fun:) Halloween Cinnamon Rolls.

Happy Monday---I have lots of posts to put up this week!


Anonymous said...

I love how organized your refrigerator is with the containers. Your prices at your Farmer's market is wonderful! Ours is small and not a great selection and higher prices than that. I do like going to a local farm where they even have goats,sheep, chicken,donkey and ducks to feed. They have nice produce and it's pretty nicely priced.

In my refrigerator I use canning jars to store a lot of my cut up veggies, leftovers almost anything. I need more as I only bought a case a while ago and I'm always running out. I'll have to take a picture soon and post it.

Wow a long comment. :)
Have a wonderful week.

Charree said...

Your fridge looks so clean and organized. I am very jealous. I just look having a ton of veggies in the fridge, it makes me want to eat healthier.

Rhonda in OK said...

I do so miss those very fresh and very low cost California vegetables.

I keep all our fresh veggies, except potatoes and onions, in Tupperware in the fridge. I really think they keep fresh so much longer than just putting them in the crisper drawers.

Anonymous said...

oh i wish my fridge was as neat and organized as yours!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great deal. I think my produce is so much more here.

Christina said...

Wow! Your fridge is so clean and organized! I need to get some containers like that.

The cinnamon rolls look yummy too! How fun!!

Kathi said...

Julieann, You are so organized. I'd love it if my fridge looked that clean and neat. Oh, those are cute cinnamon rolls. Have a lovely day. Kathi

TronWife said...

We had those same cinnamon rolls this morning. It tasted the same, but the orange icing just was weird to look at while

TronWife said...

We had those same cinnamon rolls this morning. It tasted the same, but the orange icing just was weird to look at while