Thursday, March 07, 2013


I hope your Thursday was lovely!

We had tacos for dinner :)

The morning, was so very cold!  Teeth chattering cold. 
Spring forward is this weekend, can you believe it?
I so love when it is dark early, I will miss it...LOL.  I am such a Fall and Winter girl!
Spring will be nice though.
I am going to do the Topsey-Turvey here.  Maybe I will have better luck here in Georgia, than I did in Cali.  Remember my dreaded Horn worm story about my tomatoes?

I did a little shopping today too.
All laundry was done....until everyone got ready for bed....

Vacuumed the upstairs
Dishwasher twice
Cleaned the Guinea girls' cage
Cleaned Tiki's perch
Pottied Axel numerous times...LOL.
Washed his bedding

Scrubbed my shower yesterday, Tilex is my friend, along with the Magic Eraser:)

Here in Georgia, I have a feeling as soon as the heat is turned off the A/C will go on...LOL.
Oh, and the bugs.....where do they go in the winter?
Where are all those wasps that chase me in the summer?  Where do they go?...LOL.

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