Monday, March 18, 2013

Favorite Things :)

Spring is coming!
Although, I am more of a Fall and Winter girl!
I have so enjoyed the Seasons so far here in Georgia!
I do appreciate each season as it comes.  If you are a long time reader of my blog, than you know, I am a sundress, sandals kind of girl...that kind of contradicts my Fall and Winter part...LOl.  Hey, I am a Cali girl :)  You can take the Cali girl out of California, but you can not take California out of the Cali girl. 
I do so love the South though, very much!

   Here are some new hoop earrings I bought, always silver, never gold.  I did get some black ones too :)
Flip Flops!!
Some flat and some wedges:)
Hair ties!

I love these hair ties, they hold very nicely, but not too tight to give a headache!


The Lady of the House said...

Those hair ties look interesting. Are they like headbands?


Julieann said...

The long ones are headbands and the little ones are just like rubberbands to put your hair in a ponytail:)