Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snack bags :)

I make these little snack bags for my daughters lunches :)  These are carrots, I also do grapes and other fun things that aren't already individually bagged .  If the snack bag carrots are on sale, I will buy those, if they aren't, I buy the bigger bags of carrots and make my own snack bags.

I also bought a big box of Cheez-its, so I will make some snack bags of those , too.


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love doing this. It is super helpful. Do you make your daughters lunch everyday? DO you have any tips for lunches? I have homeschooled and now they go to school and I am kinda out of ideas. :(

Julieann said...

Hi Chrissy :)
Yes, I make Alexis her lunch everyday. I also make my husband lunches, too..those are a little more sporadic, he goes through fazes. Alexis's lunches consist of several things. I will make her sandwiches, but they are kind of like the subway sandwiches, usually half of a hoagie roll. Days I don't make sandwiches, I give her these little snacks that I buy at the deli, they are thin pretzels with hummis dip. I put in a cold pack, and for a drink, I will compromise, her school here in Georgia allows soda, so sometimes, I will put in a sprite, other days, she gets chocolate milk, Gatorade, etc....I don't do juice boxes, and she always has a bottled water in the side of her backpack. She gets things like, carrots and ranch dressing, popcorn, granola bars, cookies, cuties, grapes, cut up fruit, fruit snacks(sometimes) , goldfish, cheez its, cheese sticks, yogurts, gogurts or Danimal drinkable muffins.....I give her a variety of things to choose from. I also give her money for the week. On Wednesday morning Chick-fil-a comes in the morning and she gets some kind of biscuit...and then they have vending machines and she gets something from there through out the day if she feels like it. I hope this helps some......I will try and do a more detailed post about it :) Next Fall I will be making Both Alexis and Little K lunches :) Oh, and I don't mind if Alexis would rather by a warm lunch at school, she just doesn't want those...she says they don't taste that good....