Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday :)

Happy Monday :)

I hope that today finds you happy and well.
I have mentioned in past blog posts that I watch You Tube videos. I have a computer in my kitchen, and while I am busy in the kitchen, I love to watch VLOGS by other housewives:) I love peeking into other peoples lives, and see how they do things, set up home, what they make for dinner, organize, etc.....

I came across this vlogger awhile ago, and she is just so interesting to watch.  She is very down to earth and someone we can all relate too, she is so endearing and very honest about her life.  I had asked her if I could share her channel on my blog and she said I could:)  I added her latest vlog and the one below this one, is a very inspiring vlog about 100 things she would like to accomplish :)

(P.S.  If you watch the videos here on my blog, scroll down my sidebar and mute the "Little House" music)

So if  you have a few minutes, visit her channel on YouTube,
Audreys WifeLife

If you see this Audrey, thank you for letting me share your Youtube Channel...your videos are just too sweet to keep a secret...LOL....Thank you for sharing your life on videos!

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