Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I did my kitchen floor today. It is CLEAN!!!

Along with other things too:)

I love that picture of the cow. For those of you who may not know, I collect cows:)
One day we are going to have a home in Georgia, and it is going to be a country cottage:) I just love the country look, so cozy!

I absolutely love my MIL's home. I would love for her to decorate my home.

It was another warm day today. Sundress and sandals again. This warm weather sure makes you want to garden or get a tan.

I had Little House On The Prairie playing in the kitchen as I cooked and clean. It was the first season. Remember when Laura has a raccoon and wants it as a pet and names it Jasper?

I made the hamburger pie for dinner tonight.

Have a great evening!


jen said...

I love little house- I collect books about LIW
And love the shows!

Julieann said...

Me too Jen! :) Do you have the cookbook?