Monday, November 05, 2007


What a good day---busy, but very good:) The time change was actually in my favor--even though, half my clocks in the house are still not changed..LOL---OOPS!

It is after 8 and everyone is sleeping, except my oldest--so the house is quiet. Today was a regular day---school, play date, cooking, took Grandma to Home Depot for fertilizer---Tomorrow, I will be home all day, so I will be able to make a better blog post and share some pictures.

Thank you for answering my poll about your water bill--Our water bill is out of control--water is so expensive here in Southern Cali--it was $113.00 last month.

I hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well---Blessings to all xoxo

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Angelena/ Country Life said...

We don't have a water bill. We live out in the boondocks so we have well water. Oh and we have some natural springs on our land so Thane was busy this summer building spring boxes for watering the cattle and livestock.