Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunflowers and Cows!

I love to collect cows:)..and my favorite flower is the this picture always makes me smile!

I have little collectible cows all around the house.
When I go to buy flowers for my home, I seem to always gravitate to sunflowers, they just seem so happy to me.

..Oh, and another thing, PINK..I love the color pink:) It is such a girl color, and I am 100% girly girl..LOL.

My daughter has a violin concert tonight. I bought her a new dress to wear and I went to Walmart and bought some matching ribbons to put in her hair. I will take pictures when she is all dressed up.

I am thinking of baking chicken for dinner tonight, it is easy and I won't be home at dinner time, I will be at her concert while Kevin stays at home with Little Kevin. I would like us all to go, but I know my son, he would not last sitting at a concert for an hour and half....

It is almost the weekend, YaY!

Happy Thursday:)

...........Now off to put away a load of laundry!

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Blessed With 4 said...

That is a great picture! I would love it in my kitchen :D Have a great day!