Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My daughter requested Jello.
So I made some Grape Jello and poured the Jello into these little individual cups I have. These are cups I save from the fruit snacks I buy. I am so glad now, you can buy fruit cups in there own juice instead of heavy syrup. I save the little bowls because they are perfect to put little snacks in them. I also bought some at Walmart that have lids, so I fill some up with things such as goldfish, cereal and so on. They are also nice to put ranch dressing in for my daughter's school lunch so she can dip her veggies:)

The hardest part about Jello, is waiting for it to set...LOL. Every 5 minutes, my kids ask, is it ready yet?

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Robin Sue said...

Hi Juliann,
Thanks for introducing yourself! My kids too love Ranch and thank goodness for the little containers or I don't know what I would do. Jell-o is the best, I should make some for my gang here, they are due for a treat!

Robin Sue