Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Todays Dinner!

There is a change in a dinner on my menu. Last week I had made a big pot of white beans and Little Kevin LOVED them!! My whole family loves them, but little Kevin really loves them. I can't make enough of them, they go fast.

I soaked my beans all night, and then I boiled them.

They will go in my crockpot and slow cook all day

I will add bacon this time. This is what I have on hand. Sometimes it is ham or ham hocks, but today it is bacon

Onions will be added


And some other flavors. I add salt after the beans get soft, because sometimes adding salt too soon, keeps the beans hard.

Happy Wenesday!

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Anonymous said...

Julieann, that sounds so yummy, do you use the whole bag of beans? I never know how much to cook. I want to try that tonight. I will soak them like you did. Mine are always harder than I would like too. Do you always keep liquid in the crockpot with the beans?