Thursday, September 03, 2009

Happy Thursday!

HI!!I just finished cleaning the kitchen, and now I have the dishwasher running. My girlfriend is coming over to do something on the computer because her Internet is down at the moment. So that will be nice to visit with her. Actually her and her boyfriend came over last night for dinner, it was nice to have company because my husband was not home, so it was nice to have some adult conversation with lots of giggles.

I took out a few fall decorations, not too much. Just a few touches. I am so excited for this time of year, especially since our consolidated debt is nearing its very end. It was supposed to be over last month, but with the interest it keeps dragging. Happy Thursday you all <3

1 comment:

Charree said...

Yay for consolidating debt! Way to go!

Hope you have a blessed day!