Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Saturday Chit Chat!

Happy Saturday:)
I am going to light my candle and get to work. I try and do things every day around the house to keep up, but I also like to stop and enjoy my family and play with them. So today while my husband is at work I will do some work too.

Things that went on this week--I scrubbed and shined my stove top and microwave. That sure was a job. It was well worth it though, it looks great. You can see the temperature on the stove, it says 375~~~bread is baking away in there as I took this picture.

I played with my children. Tony wrote three new songs on his guitar, and I was very proud to listen to them. I also babysat the little twins that live on our block one afternoon, little Kevin just loves them. <~~~That was a busy day!

My husband usually washes my car and his truck once a week, but he has been so very busy that he only had enough energy to wash his, he had to wash his because he was having very important people coming to his office and he wanted to drive them in a clean car. So I got out there and washed my own, inside and out. Look how pretty.

Here are my dinner rolls baking away.

We took the two little ones to the dentist this week. This dentist is a pediatric dentist, so Tony being 17 will go to a regular dentist now to get his teeth cleaned. Little Kevin had NO CAVITIES--YAY!!!!! I was worried about that so much, I could not sleep the night before. Alexis did not get off so lucky she has a small cavity that we will get filled. My husband wants the clear filling, so we will get that done very soon.

School is going well. The weather lately has been very humid and sticky. I have been walking my mile everyday now. It was hard to do it during the summer, because Alexis didn't like walking that much, and I couldn't leave her home alone. Sometimes Kevin or Tony would be home and I could do it, but it was not consistent. Now it is.

As you all know, I put Fred out September 1st, now I think I am going to put a few more Fall decorations out so I can enjoy them as long as possible.

As for my Saturday plans, I have lots I want to do. Scrubbing, cleaning and laundry. I want to get a lot done so I can enjoy the week with my family. The more I get done today, the more I can play. I did do the bedding yesterday, so that is done. My kitchen floor is white, so it show every spot on it. I guess that is good, keeps my cleaning it...LOL. Sometimes though, I will mop it in the morning and by the evening it looks dirty again. I need to swish my toilets and such. I will update my Topsy Turvy tomorrow. If you all know about Tomato Hornworms, then you will know what I will be talking about, those worms are icky.

For my dinners so far, we had baked chicken, then with those leftovers we had chicken and gravy over rice. On labor day, Kevin made a Prime Rib Roast and then we had leftovers of that the next day with baked potatoes. We have had pasta too. Today we are going to have Casserole with ground beef and lots of cheese, and tomorrow we are going to have BBQ ribs.

For today's breakfast, it is Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and fresh fruit.

I am on my second cup of Hazelnut coffee, and I can't wait until all the holiday creamers come out, yummy. I am going to hop off here put on my apron and get to work. I will have to take a picture of my new apron, it is just darling. Anyway, in between all my duties as a homemaker, I will pop on here and visit all of you. Have a great Saturday.

I posted this picture, just because I liked it...LOL.


Ann said...

Just reading all that you do makes me tired. Around here, we just adopt the dust bunnies, give them names and call it good.

That last picture makes me smile. My MIL has a frig like that she still uses. Though MIL looks nothing like the lady in the picture.

Mari said...

You've been busy! I'm working at home today too, while my hubby is off at work.

Candy said...

Your still one of my favorite bloggers Julieann! I dont comment much on blogs anymore as much as I'd like to but I never miss a post on my Google Reader. Today I thought Id come over and see your blog and its still as lovely as are you!

Your old blogger buddy,
candy :)

p.s. Im so touched that you still have that blinkie on your blog that I made you few years back! Your such a DEAR!

Tatersmama said...

Mmmmm. your dinners sound great! But maybe the next time you have leftovers, you could just ship them to me, eh? ;-)

I hear you with mopping the floors though. I usually do mine twice a day (morning and afternoon after the kids have done craft) and I wish that they would invent something that self-cleans!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Hi, Julieann, I have not been by in quiet sometime. Not because I have not wanted to but my hip does not permit me to sit for long periods anymore. So by the time I get back to visiting, I just find myself starting over again.

I love your new (probably not new now) blog look. It is so pretty.

I see that you lost a baby in August. My heart is sad for you. My oldest Granddaughter also lost a baby in August. I also have one that is expecting a baby the last of April or early May of next year. I think of you often.

The kids have grown so much since I last saw their pictures. They are still so pretty and handsome.

I hope you continue to do well and I will keep you in my prayers. love to you, connie

Jenn said...

Oh Julieann,
It sounds like a happy homemaker week at your house! Wish we were neighbors, that would be fun!! So glad for you that little man's teeth were clear! What a relief. Also glad to hear about the composite filling, I get those for my kids too now that I have learned about amalgam.