Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Breakfast Today!

We had cheesy grits, assorted fruits and Juicy juice:) What did you have for breakfast?

This is when he really needs to sit in the highchair. Grits are quite messy with him. Popsicles also get him in the highchair:)

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Julieann and all!
We had hen in a basket, banana slices, and cold cups of milk.
(Hen in a basket is when you tear a hole in a piece of buttered bread, crack an egg into it, add salt and pepper. Pan toast that little circle of bread too. After you've flipped it and it's grilling on the other side, add a slice of cheese if desired.)
It was so cold here last night that I decided to break out the fall/winter bedding today. Brr! My hibiscus set out all night, but look okay. Don't think we actually frosted yet, but it was closer than not.
Have a great day!

Jen in MN