Saturday, September 19, 2009


Fall is almost here---YaY!!

What is one of your favorite fall or comfort food recipes?? Share with me, so I can start my fall menu:) You don't have to type out the whole recipe, just the name would be fine, I can google the recipe--HELP!!

I need some new ideas, Thank you.



Dear Julieann, Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the recipe for the salad. It was a hit at church today!!! I just love it. I have been trying, as always to lose some weight and I think it is going to be a great help for me with this also. Thanks.

We all love Chile on nights as the Fall days get cooler.

Have a great week, and thank again. connie

Kalee said...

I am a big fan of soups. I always make them from scrap, but last year got a gift of a Harry and David Potato Corn Chowder. I tweaked it and it lasted us for days on end. Delicious! You could probably look at the ingredients listed and figure a recipe out (or I will this fall and pass it along!). I also make leek and potato soup, sausage and white bean (from The French Kitchen), chili, potato and chicken, chicken noodle, vegetable beef, tomato basil, lentil, mushroom, the possibilities are endless! Generally I start out with a broth base and go from there!

That's actually how I came up with the chicken potato, I boiled the chicken and used the chicken water as my broth/stock and we had potatoes on hand that needed to be used up, so I decided instead of making chicken noodle that had been on the menu to make chicken potato. I added a ton of potatoes, celery, carrots, onion, basically any veggie you want to add, then the chicken shredded up. The secret to any of my chicken based soups is that I generally add a little bit of onion soup mix (from the packet). It's what my mama always did, and it really adds something!

Okay, sorry I went on and on!

Patty said...

My favorite fall comfort foods are soupbeans and cornbread, chili, meatloaf with homemade mac n cheese, spinach & creamcheese enchiladas, and lasagna! And for breakfast, I've gotta have biscuits and gravy! Mmmmmmmmm

TJ said...

My favorite part about fall is eating acorn squash with brown sugar and butter. Yum. Another fall favorite is baked apples. Most other foods I make year round, but fall is my favorite time to use the oven (for that extra warmth) and to eat much heartier meals.

Now I'm hungry!

Ann said...

Sweet potatoes just about any way. Glazed, in pies, plain-----

Apples - dipped in caramel sauce, apple dumplings, apple crisp-----

And turnips. Just boil them with a little salt and sugar and I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

Taco soup is good.


Anonymous said...

One of our Fall Favorites for my family and friends is my Ham Potato Cheddar Chowder. I get asked to bring to all bonfires, or fall fellowships. It is super yum.

DanielleCorrelle said...

Potato soup is one of my favorites...but I'm the only one in my family who will eat it. Love making chili and cornbread too.

Sharon said...

I love meatloaf, soups and roasts for the fall. It's also fun to bake a turkey with all the trimmings!

:0) Sharon

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin soup....I had it on a cruise this spring and it was amazing! I would never have thought to try this or even imagined it as good, but IT IS! Try it,you'll like it.
We're almost to the point of having to turn the heat on...enjoy your nice weather out there. :-)