Saturday, February 15, 2014


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day :)  Ours was good.....but it was hard to prepare for the holiday, because we were snowed in all week.  My husband was able to get out though and get the children there gifts, so it worked out.

My Husband's birthday is this week, so we will be celebrating his day tomorrow.  44 years old.....and I am just a few months behind him.

Oh, did you hear on the news we had an earthquake last night...I could NOT believe it.  The entire house just was incredible.  Being a California girl, I am use to earthquakes..BUT not in Georgia.  My mind could not wrap my head around it.....LOL....I have felt a lot of earthquakes and this one felt A LOT bigger than a 4.1...really, it felt big!

We have A LOT of things going on right now, which of course I will share...but I am going to wait just a little bit, until everything settles down :)

My children are home all this coming week for winter break, and I could not be happier.  I so love having everyone home.

We meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Oh, and about yesterday's post, blogger told me I had to fix this really old post from 2011 ...which was really odd...and then they posted it for yesterday's post.......

Have a great evening!
Stay warm and safe

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Have a wonderful week with your children.