Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Did you all know about this?  The amazing thing that Ammonia can do?  I have to say that ammonia is very intimidating to me...I mean what exactly do you do with it?  I got a whiff of it and oh, it strong!!!!  Be very careful not to breathe this in.

Okay, so I was on a mission to get my stove and oven sparkly clean, like new sparkly clean......I scrubbed the gas grates until my fingers went numb...LOL...
I am a very clean person, and I think I do a pretty good job keeping my home clean :)  I am talking clean, not messy.  Of course with kids there will be toys here and there, but the floor is clean and the toys are clean...LOL..Did that make sense.  Okay back to my stove/oven....I could not get the grates or racks I posted a question on Facebook, and a few people had mentioned to put the grates in a plastic bag, like a ziploc, add a little Ammonia and let it sit for 24 hours, outside.  Well, I did it, and it was AMAZING!!!!  The grime pretty much just fell off......Wear gloves, too when working with Ammonia.  I was so impressed.  I am going to do some pots and pans that need some TLC, too :)

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