Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday :)

You know those nights where things don't always go as planned...LOL.  Well, I was going to make tacos for dinner last night.....Then my daughter asked for pot stickers, so I made those for Alexis and Little Kevin, and then Tony had a big glass of juice from the juicer and a bunch of protein foods.....SOOOOOO, then my SIL was here and she wanted the pasta salad I made.  I was not going to make Tacos for only one person, so I heated a piece of steak we had left over, a baked potato and some buttered corn for Kevin.  He also had a nice green salad too.

So, now I have ground beef to use for dinner...will I make tacos?  HMMM, I am not sure ...LOL.

In the neighborhood we live in there are 5 pools around us, so my Sil and I took Kevin swimming today..oh, it was wonderful.  I love going swimming and being out in the sunshine:)  I am not much of an outside girl, but I love swimming.  I swam a few laps, giving my lungs a good work out :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday:)  I just Juiced, now I am off to clean the house......

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