Sunday, May 06, 2012


Happy Sunday!

For dinner we had Steak on the grill, Burned Brussel Sprouts, French Fries cooked in the oven and a salad :) Dinner is usually a little earlier on Sundays.

Last night we went to this little southern Buffet was very quaint and the food was of those little hidden jems that you find. They had so much food to choose from. Fried chicken I think was the theme for this night, all sorts of cold salads, hot veggies, breads, etc. They had a salad bar to make your kind of green salad and dessert bar. It was great!

Blogger is giving me some trouble...hmmmm, it won't let me correct things, without erasing letters..i will post this now, before it messes up even more...LOL...Forgive my typos, it is blogger;)

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