Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday :)

Last night's dinner was roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, southern style green beans  ( My husband bought those when we went shopping)  Really good! Salad and rolls.

Tonight's dinner is going to be Tacos again, I had a very busy day and this is an easy dinner and one that every one loves.  Can never have too many tacos...LOL.

Okay, some of you may know I have Asthma.  I have had Asthma, probably my whole life, but only diagnosed with it when I was 17.  I am now 41 and it is still going strong.  I have probably used every Asthma medication out there.  My favorite, turned out to be the over the counter inhaler called Primatine Mist.  They took it off the shelf in December and that has really upset me.  This past week, I have become dangerously low on my last and only inhaler, so I made an appointment with a new Doctor here in Georgia!  I really like him.  Very nice.  He gave me two inhalers, one is a maintenance and one is to take for relief.  He also, wants me to see a Lung Doctor as he is concerned about the number of times I need to use an inhaler.  He wants to make sure I am not on the onset of COPD.


Robin said...

I will be praying, Julieann, that the Dr. you see for your lungs finds that you don't have COPD!

Thank You so much for sharing the pictures of your beautiful home with us! I have been enjoying them. Did you get your awesome closet organized the way you want it?

Robin : )

Chrissy said...

Hope you are better soon and have a good outcome!

I'm dealing with a case of Hypothyroidism here. When you have an illness it's all about finding YOUR normal.

Let us know how you are!

DeNiece Barnes said...

Julieann I pray you feel better soon. I will continue to lift your name up to the Lord for your healing. We love tacos over this way too and we also love chicken casserole these are two of our favorite meals here. The chicken casserole is so simple even my 9 year old can make it. Pray you feel better soon dear friend.....

Julieann said...

Thank you ladies for your prayers :) I will be just fine :)

Robin, I will share pictures of my closet...LOl..I still can't get over the size of it..LOL.

Chrissy I am sorry to hear you are having to fight an illness also:( XOXO

DeNiece, will you share your chicken recipe ? Pretty please :)