Thursday, December 29, 2011



Today is Thursday and it is a day I don't have any where to go. I can stay home and do things I enjoy:)

My daughter is on a playdate with her cousin, they are the same age, which is so nice, automatic best friend for life...LOL. They had a sleepover here last night, so now they are over at my sister's home.

It is just me and Little Kevin until Big Kevin gets home.

It is like a summer day outside, in the 70's. Sundress kind of day:) At about 4:00 it starts to get cold, it can drop down to the low 30's.

My dinner menu for the week is going well, I am thinking of making the tacos tonight. A favorite here. We shall see:)

I dusted my room today. Where does all this dust come from. Also, do you get those webs up high on the ceiling. I feel like I am constantly getting rid of the them. There is one corner in my living room, that has a vaulted ceiling that is near impossible to get at..and it has so many of those webs..I get a wet wash cloth and make a ball and throw it up to get them...LOL.

Happy Thursday and a quick question:
How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?
I tend to drink coffee through out the day.

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