Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Saturday!

This morning at about 9:00 I went to the Walmart and did some Christmas shopping for Little Kevin all by myself:) I got there early enough that it wasn't crazy busy. I picked out his new jammies, they are cars. I picked out a few toys he said he would like. I was happy with my purchases, I love the excitement in there eyes on Christmas morning.

I rarely ever go anywhere with out a child or my husband with me, so it was weird being all by myself..the checker asked me if I enjoyed shopping with out the children and I said with a big smile, NO!!!!...LOL.

So, we are supposed to have a big storm move in on Sunday evening and last until Tuesday, exciting, I love the rain. It is quite beautiful outside today, you would not know that it is December, more like a spring day.

I can't be too specific about the gifts on my blog or Facebook, because my daughter can read either at any I have to keep some things secret:)

If you friend me on Facebook, from here, please let me know you are from my blog. Some people will ask to be my friend, and I get a little embarrassed because sometimes, I have no clue as to how I know them:(

For the rest of the day, I will continue with some housework, laundry and I aso want to make my Christmas cookies (sometime before Christmas..LOL)

Also, we always make Jesus a birthday cake. My daughter will most likely pick out what kind of cake this year and help me make it. It is very important that my children know the true meaning of Christmas. It is not all about the gifts. It is Jesus's Birthday.


I was saddened to hear about Michelle Duggars miscarriage. It is truly heart breaking. It is also NOT for us to tell them how many children they should and shouldn't have. That is between them and God, AMEN!!!

Have a glorious Saturday!!


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