Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Good morning. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Our grill broke a few months back, so over the weekend we got a new grill. On Saturday we grilled steak and asparagus, and then on Sunday, I made Shish Kabob's, beef and chicken. The picture below is of the beef. On the chicken skewers I added pineapple.

I also made some baby new potatoes:)

This week, school is half days and then next week is spring break. We are going to Georgia for the week, so we are very excited about that. I am going to have a house sitter, so my home will be taken care of. I wish some of you lived near Atlanta, so we could visit:) Today I am going to do a bunch of spring cleaning, and when I get back from vacation, I will finish:) We will have our own TV on the plane, but I am going to bring my Little House books to read:) Tonight's dinner is going to be skinless, boneless chicken breasts with steamed veggies:) Happy Tuesday! XO


Christina said...

OHHH Julieann, I wish we could come visit! We live 4 hours from Atlanta, we've been there several times and love it!! We will have to plan that someday so we can finally meet ;-)
My kids are on spring break this week, and I took the week off so I could spend it with them. We've been out to eat and seen a few movies. I really need to start some spring cleaning too! I've been trying to post on my blog more often, alot of times it's just faster to post on FB. LOL
Well Happy Tuesday!! Oh, and I love making shish-kabobs, yours look so yummy!!

Julieann said...

Christina!!! I would Love, love, love to meet you:)

Hopefully if not his trip, one day!!!