Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday!


How is everyone doing with the time change? We are doing pretty good:)
Spring is on it's way~~YaY!
Have you started your Spring Cleaning?
I had to go to WalMart today and pick up a gift for a little girl, my daughter has a birthday party after school to go to.
I am all ready for St. Patricks day, I have my Corned Beef and Cabbage:)
It has really been lovely here, and I have gotten a tan by playing outside with the kids:) I protect my face though, I wear big bug eyed glasses...LOL. I also moisturize a lot!
Dinner tonight will be boneless pork chops? is that what they are called...LOL
Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Your dinner menu sounds absolutely delicious every night!

Christina said...

Happy Tuesday Julieann!

I have not started my spring cleaning yet, I'm still working on my lists/home notebook...plus we've still been having some really cold weather. But I'm so ready to get started, I can't wait to open all the windows and let in some fresh air! ;-)

P.S. Menu is up on my blog.


Jenny said...

There is nothing like illness to make one not even remember the time change. I remembered to set the clock, but my little one took ill late Sunday night, so...time change or not, I was in a fog for a while. He's better now, thank goodness.

Enjoy your St. Patrick's day feast. We don't eat meat on Friday's, but we will have cabbage and wear green; and I bought a good sized corned beef on sale to save for Easter. Really looking forward to it.

Do you think I could put green food coloring in the pancake batter Friday? My little one would love that!!

Jenny said...

No spring cleaning yet, but looking forward to it. That may sound strange, but I know you'll understand, Julieann! What about you, have you started?

Glad to hear it's nice and sunny there.

Julieann said...

Jenny, St. Patrick's day is Thursday:)

I think the food coloring is a great idea:) I put it in my eggs, and my kids did not know what to think of that...LOL.

I usually put green food coloring in the toilets.. This year, I can't because I have the blue toilet water...Hmmmmm

Julieann said...

I have started my spring cleaning a little bit:)

Julieann said...

Thank you Anonymous:)

Julieann said...

Christina, I love opening up all the windows too....until it gets so hot, I have to turn the air on...LOL;)

Jenny said...

I sure am glad I visited you again today. My days have been off this week. It's a good thing I realized this now, because our anniversary is the 18th, and I've been thinking it was Saturday all week!!!