Tuesday, March 01, 2011



Edamame, Do you like it?

Well, at this house I can't buy enough of it. My oldest, I think loves it the most, he can eat a bunch in one sitting. My husband is really indifferent to it ... It is the kids that devour it.

I am happy that it is a really healthy snack, and if that is what they want to eat, YaY!! I buy the big pack from Costco, and wish they came in an even bigger box. I do sometimes buy the little spongbob lunch packs, but they go fast, and it is cheaper to buy them in bulk at Costco.

So, what do you think of Edamame?


Mrs Swan said...

Never had it :) I see it on menus sometimes but I am to cheap to buy something I might not like. LOL

Anonymous said...

What does it taste like? I have never eaten it either.

Anonymous said...

Google 'dangers of phytoestrogens' to learn about edamama, which of course is soy. Just sayin'.


Kimberly said...

I think they are yummy. I grew them when I had my last garden and hope to grow more this year. My boys eat sugar snap peas by the handful!