Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Happy first day of February!

Dinner tonight was Roasted Chicken.

Tomorrow night will be a chicken casserole with the rest of the chicken, along with a nice green salad:)

Thursday Night's Dinner:

Breaded Pork
Baked potatoes
Steamed veggies

That is as far as I got with my menu...LOL. My husband loves tacos, so I will make those soon:)

Today was a nice day. Alexis was home again, she no longer has a fever, so we shall see how she feels tomorrow morning. The school told me, that A LOT of kids are out. Something is definitely going around.

I am going to use this time now and try and get some work done in Alexis's room, while Little Kevin is in for the night. He looks so cute when he sleeps.

Happy Tuesday evening~~Stay warm and safe!!


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