Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday, my daughter turned nine years old. At first she wanted a Disneyland party, but she ended up going to one with her cousin. So she changed her mind, so now not this weekend, but the next one, we are going to have a bouncy house, cotton candy machine and a snow cone machine, we are going to grill hamburgers and hotdogs. It should be fun. Last night for her birthday we took the whole family out to dinner, then we took her shopping with the money she received. Our present to her was a touch screen computer.

So, now it is a new day and I must get everything back to normal. Laundry, cleaning etc......

The weather here in San Clemente, Ca, has actually been chilly. I love summer rainstorms too.

We brought home so much leftover food from the restaurant last night, Kevin said that is what he wants for dinner when he gets home, so dinner will be VERY easy:)

Happy Wednesday!


Jenny said...

Happy birthday to your little girl! What a delight she must be.

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Happy Birthday to Alexis! Hope she had a special day!

Tatersmama said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! I love that age!
I'm currently in the middle of school holidays here, with 6 eight to ten yr olds, and we've been having a ball!

Tracy said...

I hope she had a happy birthday and her party turns out to be a blast. Besides you cannot go wrong with a bouncy house.