Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, it is Friday and it is also a teacher furlough day. So no school today, double yay. Last night was open house, so that was nice. I have been in her classroom a hundred times, but it was nice for Kevin to see everything, and Alexis was so proud to show off all her work:)

We had tacos for dinner. Tonight we will have pork chops.

I am now starting on the toy boxes, organizing those, throwing away broken toys, etc. That is a job!

...and yes, toilet paper rolls must be over.....LOL.

The weather today is overcast, but nice. I just got back from a trip to Walmart. Got a few things I needed. I also needed a new lipstick, so I got a pretty light pink. I was so in love with all the sundresses out. I can't wait to get a couple:)

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Would you let your 16 year old sail around the world?? My answer would be NO!


Mari said...

Glad to hear that over won! And no - I wouldn't let my 21 year old sail around the world, so it's no for a 16 year old too!

Christina said...

Happy Friday Julieann!! I was in Target today, and seen the cutest sundresses too. I can't wait to buy some. I just love summer!! :)

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Hello~ If I have left a comment - it has been a while but I do like to visit when ever I can. I really enjoy your positive attitude about taking care of your family.
Yes- Toilet paper - OVER. LOL :O)
And I do think that 16 is too young to sail around the world alone. If an adult went it would not be quite so bad.
Have a great week end!
Lisa :o)

Jenn said...

I think that girl has a wonderful spirit of adventure that I admire, but if it were my kid there would HAVE to be an adult.