Monday, June 07, 2010


Ants~~~~ Here they come~~~AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I went to Walmart over the weekend, and I bought some more Tupperware. Everything is going into containers. I forgot the ant spray though, ahh! So I really need to get some asap! Last year my son dropped a cracker in his toy box, and let me tell you the ants went crazy. I am not a fan of ants...LOL.

Tonight's dinner will be chicken tenders~~I may bread a few and cook a few in a marinade.

Okay, I have a question: Toilet paper roll, Over or under? :::Giggles:::

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. The weather was just perfect here.

Also, the next Food Network Star started last night. I TIVO'd it, I can't wait to see it.

Have a great Monday!


Jenny said...

Over. What about you? We are definitely "overs" here, so much so that when our 5 year old actually put the roll on by himself (under), my husband, who came home later, asked why I was putting the rolls on under now!

Ants are such a pest. Sorry you have to deal with them.

Mari said...

I hate ants too!
As for TP - It has to be over!

Julieann said...

Over~~There is no other way :)

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

I'm an over, too!
I'm glad you mentioned The Next Food Network Star. Every year I seem to miss the first couple of episodes! I now have the recorder set to Wednesday for the repeat showing!

Mrs. U said...

Toilet paper MUST be "over"!!!! LOL!!!

We get so excited with each new season of TNFNS!! I've already got 2 favorites and I hope they go all the way- Aria and Aarti!!!! We will most definitely be watching each Sunday night! Fun!!

Mrs. U

Jenn said...

We are having the ant issues here as well in the house we just moved into in March, driving me NUTS! I'd like to have a natural remedy but not sure if that is feasible with a dog and two cats.....I'm gonna search and see what I can find about that.

Anonymous said...

while I havent tried it yet, I just read bounce dryer sheets keep ants and skeeters away, and bay leaves in the corners of cupbrds help other kinds of buggs