Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy Saturday!

My husband let me sleep in today...I usually wake up when my little alarm wakes me up, A.K.A Little Kevin...LOL. Well, this morning I actually got to sleep in later then usual, it was a nice treat. Then my husband wakes me up and says he wants to take us to breakfast, so we went to IHOP---Alexis got the funny face, Kevin got the Silver dollar pancakes with eggs and bacon, I got the two egg breakfast and Big Kevin got the steak and for Tony, he wanted to stay in bed...That's a teenager for you...LOL.

Then we headed to Walmart, and little Kevin got some new clothes, and Alexis got a new outfit for Thursday, she is going to a Symphony, how fun. After that we headed to the market and did some food shopping. Ohhh, I also got some Tupperware, yay!!

Kevin rented some movies, so they are downstairs watching some movies, and I am about to do some things around the house. It has been a nice day, I hope yours is lovely too:)

Tonight's dinner will be pork chops. I made fried okra last night, and they turned out awesome:)

Thanks for all you sweet comments.


Jenny said...

I didn't get to sleep in, and I didn't get to go to IHOP; but my husband did take our little boy to IHOP for breakfast this morning, which meant I got a lot done in very little time.

Glad you got to sleep in and are having such a great day!

Michele said...

We love IHOP too :)