Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This post contains a lot of TMI~~~So if you have a tender tummy stop reading now. (it isn't that graphic, but you never know)

In the middle of the night on Friday, I got up to use the restroom and as I was walking into the bathroom in the dark with just the faint light from the window, I slid across the floor---I quickly turned on the light to see vomit all over my bathroom, projectile vomit. I quickly cleaned my feet up and ran to my daughter, she was sick, but able to finally sleep. I then cleaned the bathroom, oh, it was EVERYWHERE. You know that feeling when you are so sick and you just can not make it into the bathroom quick enough. So all Saturday she stayed in bed and I tried to give her the Bratt diet~~~Bananas, Rice, Apples, Toast and Tea. All she wanted was popsicles, so popsicles she got. By Sunday she was feeling better, but I still made her rest and by Monday she was feeling great. Well, she was feeling great, but when I woke up Monday my tummy was very queasy, I mean very! I called my husband and told him how bad I felt. I was supposed to do a few things out of the house, but I just could not force my self to drive, the nauseousness was terrible, and I was scared to drive feeling that way. At about 11:30, I was starting to feel better, I even made a few posts here about my recent makings in the kitchen, and then come 5:00 when I was doing dinner, thank goodness it was leftovers, steak and chicken from Father's day. It was easy for me to warm up, and soon after I prepared dinner, I was very dizzy and had to lay down. About 7:00 is when all the vomiting started, I lived in that bathroom until 1:00 in the morning. My mouth was so dry and I was so thirsty, I would drink a glass of water and in a few minutes it would come right back up. When I thought, I had nothing else to give, bam here it came again. This is probably the sickest I have ever been. I was finally able to lay down at about 1:00 when my baby started to vomit. He vomited once, I cleaned him and he went back to sleep, I proceeded to watch him through the night, because I was scared. Well, that is all he did and he seemed to be himself that next day. I gave him a nice warm bath to make sure he was all clean. I was able to take a shower and do a little housework. My husband stopped at the grocery store for me (remember Tuesday's are usually the day I go) ...and he picked up the grocery's, rather fun grocery's I might add. We always say he is the fun shopper...LOL. He also grilled dinner last night. He made ribs, and I made salad and threw some asparagus in the steamer and baked potatoes in the oven. That was easy. I was able to eat a salad and then I went off to bed at 7:00, I was exhausted.

I think that is the hardest part about being a wife and mother, no matter how bad we feel or how sick we are, life is still happening all around us and we have to do what we have to do to take care of our children, especially when our husbands are hard at work. I know my husband wanted nothing more then to stay at home with me, but he just couldn't. My kids were pretty easy. While I lay on the couch little Kevin just rolled and flopped all over me playing with his toys...LOL.

Kevin seemed to have got just a touch of it, he never threw up, but he was feeling Ill on Saturday...and Tony, He NEVER gets sick anymore, thank goodness:) Well, that is what has been happening these past few days.

My husband was also out of town for a week, he was in Florida and then to Oregon on Business the second week of June. I don't like to post when he is not here. I am just so happy when he gets back home.

Tonight for dinner, we are going to have grilled Chicken for dinner, my husband got a super deal on chicken breasts, buy one get one free. So I will make that with Corn on the cobb (Is it cobb or cob?) and rice. I would make mashed potatoes but I am out and I am not going to the store until tomorrow, too much to catch up on here~~and my husband bought plenty for us for awhile, but I do need some miscellaneous things, like potatoes, and creamer and things like that.

Well, did you manage to get this far?
You all have a fantastic Wednesday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Was it food poisoning from something you ate? With everyone getting it relatively at the same time, that normally means it is food rather than germ. Maybe that cheeseburger pie was toxic? LOL


Mari said...

You poor thing. I remember those day and it is hard to keep going but you have to. Glad you are feeling better!

Julieann said...

I know it wasn't the cheeseburger pie, because my daughter did not eat any. Some one else said that too. I am not sure if it was food poisoning or germs, but I do know, I am so glad we are feeling better:)

Christina said...

Ohh...bless your heart. So happy you are feeling better though. :o)
Happy Wednesday Julieann!!

Anonymous said...

Dont drink water when you are vomiting. Try ice chips. And later Ginger Ale.

Pamela in NE Ohio

Chrissy said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Oh, you poor things! I'm glad things are looking up now. I know how awful it is when us moms get sick, there are still others that need us! Hope your Wednesday is going well!

Tatersmama said...

I'm just glad that you're all feeling better!
I remember the days of cleaning projectile vomit, and it wasn't fun...
so you poor baby!

mary said...

If you all weren't running a fever, it was probably food poisoning. I've had it before. It's the sickest you'll ever be. Just glad it ran it's course, and you're all feeling better!!