Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Tomorrow I am going to take a picture of my Topsy~Turvy and show you it's progress. It already has a little bud on it, I can not believe it.

Anyway, this week has been a normal week, and I am counting the days until school is out!! For those of you that home school, do you take off for the summer or just keep going. I don't know if some of you remember, Kevin and I were torn about homeschooling Alexis. We are thinking more about it with Little Kevin. I am so nervous to send him to school with a peanut allergy. That is quite a few years off, but it is still on my mind.

I was so happy I got some organic chicken, it was on sale, so it was just as cheap as the regular. I will be making it tonight for dinner. Then tomorrow I will be making pork chops.

....ohh, and ANTS!!!! It is that time of year again, when those little buggers are invading my home, ugh!! I have Terro placed everywhere (Safe from the kids and the dog)..and then I put every thing in plastic containers yesterday that they could get into. Everything looks nice in the pantry. The first year I was here, the ants invaded everything, before I could save my food. Hopefully this year I am on top of it.

2 more months until our consolidated debt is over~~~Kevin and I are so excited.

Oh, and this was funny. Kevin called me up one day and said, Honey, what did you do today, I did not have time to read your blog. LOL:)

Happy Saturday!


Tatersmama said...

I just get sick and tired of dealing with ants! My partner laughs at me, but I'm scared silly (like some folk are of snakes and spiders) of the little things, because the have LEGS!
He tries telling me that spiders have more legs... but I've never seen hundreds of spiders putting their hundreds of dirty little feet in my food!

Awww...That's so sweet, what your husband said!!!
It sounds like you have a keeper there! ;-)

Jodi said...
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Jodi said...

I'm so glad you're going to show the progress of your Topsy-Turvy; I'm quite interested in seeing how it well it works. Hubby took the garden back over this year. (It's the first summer he's had time since we moved two years ago). We struggle at this home because we're surrounded with so much shade!!

Regarding summer and school ... we've done it different ways. We always at least keep up with some sort of reading and math review and usually do some fun science and art things. We also spend summertime focusing on skills like sewing, cooking, knitting, crocheting, woodworking, etc. And of course there's lots and lots of swimming around here! :o) I think one of the benefits of homeschooling is that every family can schedule learning time to fit their own lifestyle.

ANTS ~ don't even get me started. I feel like a weary warrior today. We are having a terrible battle with them this year. They are all over just one of my kitchen counters, and we can't figure out how they're getting in. So far nothing has gotten rid of them permanently, and permanently dead is how I want them at this moment! [Do I sound like an angry housewife? ;o)]

By the way - I meant to comment on the carpet cleaner post. We have a prior model of the same brand of cleaner. FYI - that little baby does a great job of cleaning and/or freshening mattresses. I do not bother with the upholstery attachment. Instead, I just toss the mattress on the floor, set the whole carpet cleaner on top of it and clean away. Then I prop the mattress outside to dry. It's amazing!

I got a chuckle out of your hubby's comment. What a sweet husband!

I do most of my blog reading in Google Reader while I'm nursing nowadays ... so I'm not a very good commenter (too hard typing one handed!). But I always enjoy reading about your days! :o)