Thursday, June 27, 2019

Happy Summer Days!

When I wake up, I try and always think of things
I am grateful for.
I say a little prayer and thank God for everything I have, beginning with my children.
I am and will forever be, God's girl :)

Here is my gratitude journal

Here is the birthday table I started for my daughter.  We have a lot planned for my daughter who is turning 18.  This is a sneak peek of what's to come.  I will post all about the shenanigans next will be exciting...

What possibly could be in those gifts?

My new pair of running shoes...they are like running on a cloud.  I put a youtube playlist together and I run..I listen to meal planning, meal preps, lifestyles, or even court cases

Over the weekend, my daughter and I stopped at Smoothie King..we ordered this beauty...Kale and Lemon Smoothie..It tastes sooooooo must taste this before you judge it...LOL

Here is a peek at my bedroom..I just love my bed and the more pillows the better.....A little tip:

Always make your bed...every single day!!  It makes the room look great and sets the tone for the rest of the home...along with the dishes...never leave a sink full of dirty dishes over want to wake up to a fresh start.  It takes a lot of the anxiety out of the mix, by doing those two simple things on the daily.

Fruit Salad...yummy, yummy!!

How about those glasses....and my fly away hairs...LOL..I wake up like this....tee hee!
I am forever grateful for each day I wake up...Life is beautiful, and you my friends are beautiful too!!!

Pool days give me life...Vitamin D makes me feel soooooooo good :)
Do you see that slide in the will never see me go down that...LOL.....I know how to surf in the ocean, but that slide scares me.  I learned how to surf in the Pacific ocean when I was 25....but that slide??!!!  Hard no...:)

Some happy pictures!

My new glasses from  The GAP...I can't wait to show you how I store all my sunglasses...pretty neat setup..stay tuned for that :) 

How do you store your sunglasses?  Where do you buy yours?  A favorite spot for me is also Kohl's  ~~~~My second home (SHHHH)

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