Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I braved the cold and rain this morning and did my grocery shopping.  I went to the closest store near my home.  It is very close, so it was not a far drive at all.  The children stayed home with my SIL, where it was cozy and warm.  I (think) I got everything I need.  I was sooooo BUSY today, from sun up to sun down.  Tomorrow is even going to be more busy.  Lots to do.  I kept my Fall decorations up and just added white lights all over the house, it looks really nice.
If you couldn't guess already, I am having Thanksgiving here:)
I am hoping it will be the best Thanksgiving ever!
I hope everyone is able to have a nice Thanksgiving, I know times are tough for so many.
Have a wonderful evening, stay warm, and be happy for today, you just never know what tomorrow may bring :)
I will be up bright and early tomorrow getting ready for Thursday

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