Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Good Morning!

  Today, my husband had to go to a meeting, so I am going to use today as a big clean, cleaning day!
 I am going to start in my dining room, and make it look real nice, since I am having Thanksgiving here, I want everything to be perfect.  I strung white lights all over the house, and it looks so nice....I have fall decor and white lights.  Did I mention I got a 15 pound turkey at Kroger for 10 was originally $23.00...Yay me...LOL
  I will then work on the living room, dusting and straitening it up.....
For dinner tonight, I took chicken out, so we will have roasted chicken.  Last night I slow cooked a pork roast with potatoes and mushrooms, it made the house smell so good, with brownies for dessert.

I also plan on vacuuming the stairs, that is a job....I try and do the stairs once a week, I use my Kirby, I love my Kirby, but it is HEAVY.

It started raining here last night, and rained until the morning.  It is all wet and cold outside, perfect day to stay inside and do some housework.  I will light a candle that smells fallish too.

Update on the kittens that I had posted about, they have found their forever home, along with Mama, that I caught.  Mama also had more babies roaming outside that we were able to place too...we still have 1 more kitty, and she is staying in the guest bedroom away from my son.  My SIL stays with us, she is with the cat a lot, (The guest bedroom is her room) and my older son and daughter go in there, too.  She is warm, safe, well fed and content.  Plus all the cats came up clean , no kitty diseases, Yay!!  So 8 little cats have been saved.

Okay, I am going to have another cup of coffee, Peppermint Mocha :)
Have a wonderful morning!

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