Monday, April 29, 2013


Kevin had his Well Checkup today.  His "New" Ped has a son that has Nut allergies, he "Gets" it.........It is so hard not keeping your child in a bubble when they have so many allergies......Home is safe......On the outside, I may seem pulled together, but on the inside my mind is working overtime being aware of everything around us.....I am scared, I am scared of letting go...letting him go to school...I am scared.....I just feel like crying about this.  He asked me again today, if he will ever be able to have a nut, and I said, "No, Never."  He then said, "Mama, can you have nuts?"  ...and I said, "No, Kevin, we are in this together."


Mari said...

I'm so sorry. Us moms always worry about our kids, especially when you deal with something like this.

The Lady of the House said...

Julieann, that is a sweet thing to say and do for your little boy. I'm glad you have a pediatrician who "gets it."