Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't ask, Don't Tell...Tag!

This was a tag going around on YouTube...I thought I would answer the questions on my blog.

List of Questions:

Democrat or Republican? Republican

Did you vote? BE HONEST, and if so who did you vote for? Yes, I voted.  I voted for Romney :)

Pro-Gay, or Anti-Gay?  Neither, it is not for me to judge this.  This is in God's department, not mine.  I love all people.

Pro-Life, or Pro-Choice? Pro-Life

For or against vaccinations? For vaccinations

Sugar before the age of 1? No.....

TV before the age of 1? Yes...Alexis used to love the colors.....Let me clarify, I don't think they really watch it...

Cloth diapers, disposables, or both? OHHH, if I could do it again, cloth!!!!  I used disposable though

Circumcisions, yes or no? Yes

Homeschool, public schools, or private schools? Public

Spanking, or no spanking? No Spanking

Cursing in front of your children, ok or not ok? Not okay! I do not Curse, ever!

Do you believe in God? YES!

CIO (cry it out method) yes or no? Absolutely not!!!

Organic, or non-organic? Organic

Fast food for kids?  I don't eat Fast food.....But I believe everything in moderation.  I mean every kid should have a french fry once in their life...LOL

Do you agree with co-sleeping? Yes

Breast or formula? Breast!!!  If I had a dollar for every woman that told me she could not breast feed, I would be very wealthy! (I do know there are exceptions) I totally agree, that formula should be given out as a prescription...not given as a choice so easily.  OH, and the women that say they want their husband to share in the feedings....There is a reason why God did it this way..Father's can offer so many wonderful things to their doesn't have to be formula.

Natural birth, or epidural?  Oh, dear....I don't know how to answer a perfect world, natural....I had 3 C- sections....

Rear facing until 1, or 2? When my children were babies, the law was 1.

Name brand, or off brands? Whichever...LOl....

Hand-me-downs or brand new? Oh, I LOVE, LOVE,  LOVE consignment shops!! My daughter gets brand new, though. My boys don't care....My youngest boy only cares if Sonic the Hedgehog is on it...LOL....

Pop, or water, for you and for your kids? I don't ever drink soda....For my kids, everything in is not taboo, so it is not a big deal here....

Ok dating age?..Oh, I don't know!  My son is 21 and is all about working right now...and Alexis is only 11......Kendra is married...and little Kevin is 5.....I will have to get back to you on that one.....

Do you consume alcohol, and if so how much? Never!  I don't mind those who do drink though.  I do have some stories of back in the day.....

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