Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday!!!!! :o)


I hope everyone had a wonderful week.

Today I am devoting my day to cleaning!
I already cleaned two toilets, I have 3 more to go.
I have my daughter's bedding in the wash....

I am about to start vacuuming the upstairs and the stairs.
I have totally been working on decorating the house for is coming along nicely:)

My dinners this week have been very simple, my husband has been out of town all week, so the dinners have been kid friendly.  Last night we had roasted chicken and pasta salad..things like that.
It has been quite cold here, and I am loving it.

I ventured out to Khol's yesterday...if you are on my facebook, you know all about my Kohl's adventure...LOL.  Never shopped there and had Kohl's cash..and didn't know how to use them...then I get there and they have two different entrances/ exits..that look identical, mind you...when I got out to the parking lot..I thought my car was stolen....oh, well everything ended well, I found my car and made it home.  :)

I also went to Walmart and bought eight Charger plates in red...they look beautiful under my Christmas plates.  I just need to find some Napkin rings that match everything :)

Have a wonderful Friday!!


The Lady of the House said...

I was getting so bad with parking lots, that I had to make myself park in the same aisle every time no matter what. I go early enough that this isn't a problem, but later in the day when it is, I try to park next to a buggy corral or lamp to use as a reminder.

I hope you weren't too panicked about your car. That is an awful feeling.


Julieann said...

Hi Jenny :)

Yes, I am the same way, I go early, park in the same place, and near a cart corral....BUT, this was a new place for me...and I parked in a place that I would normally park at another place..far in the back away from cars...BUT, who knew there were two parking lots...LOL..Oh my, yes, for a minute I was completely panicked, but kept it inside because I had my little boy with me....

Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I've done that too! Now if I go to a different store I write down the aisle number or landmarks and keep it in my purse and I make sure to notice what department my entrance was in. When I go to my local Publix and Walmart I always park in "my spot" way out at the end of the lot so I have to walk and get a little exercise!


Anonymous said...

I just hit the panic button on my remote then I look for the area where everyone is looking at the the car beeping as if something is wrong. lol