Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Monday!

Lot's to do this week :)

Have a wonderful day.

I have some pictures to post, and I will post updates through the week.

Do you have your turkey yet?  Is it thawing?

Is your menu made?

Don't forget the green bean casserole, it is my favorite...LOL.

I did my grocery shopping on Friday.... So, I pretty much have everything for Thursday, except, I will need to get fresh produce!

(I got some pumkin spice Pringles and cinnamon spice Pringles...LOL)

I got a 22 pound Butterball..the price was pretty good at Walmart.

I am going to polish my furniture today and make it all look nice.  I am not putting up Christmas Decor until after Thanksgiving, my house will be fallish:)

We have lots of people coming Thursday and I am super excited.

Time for another cup of coffee!

P.S. Spell check is not working, so forgive my spelling errors :)~

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