Thursday, October 27, 2011


Good Morning!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. It is quite chilly this morning. Yesterday was
one of those days, where you wake up happy and then things start to go in a different way then what you had planned. I have a problem sometimes with assuming things. I just automatically think that certain people are on the same train of thought I am. Well, I have to learn to stop assuming and be better at communicating. Things turned out for the better yesterday when I cleared up some miscommunications.......The big picture, it doesn't seem that big anymore, but at the time, you sometimes let things get the best of you, and then when you wake up the next morning you wonder why it had you so worried. It was a few things, a combination of things. It had nothing to with my immediate family. I like honesty, and when I am lied too it really hurts, you know what I mean? I talked to my husband about it and he really is a voice of reason, he can really make you see the other side clearly. He always helps me see the other side and gives me advice on what he would do in certain situations...and it does help. I love him and he is not only my husband but my best friend too:) I had Little House on last night and it was the first episode, where Laura says, "Home is the nicest word there is" That always makes me smile. I was thinking, Yes, Home is a pretty nice word.

So, today, I am going to do the things I had planned on doing yesterday. I took out chicken for dinner, but I am not sure how I am going to cook it yet. It will come to me. I know when I work under pressure, I come up with some very creative ideas. When I come home later on Tuesdays from taking Alexis to ballet, I have to cook quick, because everyone is hungry and ready for dinner.

For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile, you all know we live in Southern California, San Clemente to be exact. My husband is from Georgia and we have moved there twice. My daughter was actually born there, so she considers herself a true southern gal....we miss Georgia a lot. Holidays were always the best there because we have a lot of family there, so parties were always so wonderful. Here in Cali, I have my sister and her family, but she can't always come over for the Holidays, because they have to share there time with her inlaws. My father lives about an hour away and he is now taking care of my grandmother, so it is not easy for him to come and visit, or have get togethers in his home. Hopefully this Thanksgiving works out that my sister can come for Thanksgiving, and my husband is going to try and talk his Mom into coming here for Christmas. I have the best MIL in the world, she really is a neat lady:)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday
Time for some more coffee!

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