Monday, October 17, 2011


Monday is here:)

I love Mondays. In fact, I love all days. Each day is a special gift. What is that saying?....Yesterday is past, Tomorrow is yet to come, but today is a gift..that is why it is called a present...something like that:)

I am enjoying a cup of Peppermint Mocha coffee, and yes I conquered my laundry...

Over the weekend we got another Guinea Pig, Alexis was very adamant on her Guinea pig needing a friend. So we looked into it and decided a friend would be good. The new guinea is so cute, and so much smaller then Luna. Luna was so happy when she met her new friend, she Popcorned quite a bit. I think she may think it is her baby.

I was at Alexis's school this morning, she got an award for Responsibility. As soon as I get the pictures downloaded on the comp I will post one. I used Alexis's iPod touch to take pictures, because my camera takes them too dark. I am not familiar on how to download those to my computer, so Alexis will sow me how when she gets home.

I got a pumpkin at Walamart, this weekend, they are $3.88~~~~~> Great price!
It looks so nice sitting next to Fred outside my door.

Have a super Monday!

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