Thursday, October 06, 2011


(photo courtesy of Taste of Home)

I can not believe my last post was October 1st. Are you ever doing something and think, this is something I want to blog about, but never get the chance to do it. I do this all the time..LOL. I really need to start jotting things down, so I can remember certain things I wanted to blog about at that moment.

It has been a super busy week. It has calmed down now, which I love. I don't mind running errands going to appointments etc..but nothing makes me happier then being able to just stay home and putter:)

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. It was rainy and cold and the perfect hot chocolate kind of day. I opened all the blinds downstairs so I could watch the rain come down as I was doing housework. I didn't want to miss it. It doesn't rain a whole lot here, so I try and enjoy it as much as possible. Today is another chilly day, no rain, just cold. I am wearing my Ugg boots today, BRRRRRRRRRRR...LOL.

Also, to go along with this chilly weather, I am making Chicken and Dumplings! I love, love, love Chicken and Dumplings. I use the recipe in my Betty Crocker Cookbook.

Have a beautiful fall day:)


The Lady of the House said...

Chicken and Dumplings sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Glad you took time to post. Your menus always sound sooooo good.