Monday, October 24, 2011


Kevin had his 6 month checkup at the Dentist this morning~~No Cavities, YaY!!! Alexis is next Wednesday. This was early, up at 6, every one fed, washed, brushed and dressed, out the door at 7:30, drop Alexis off, then on the freeway to the dentist, by 8:30.

After the Dentist we went to the Farmers Market, it used to be called Henry's, now they call it Sprouts:) It is right across the street from the dentist, NICE...LOL. They have bins and bins of all kinds of foods; grains, flours, sugars, rice..etc..I found a bin with Roasted Edamame...Ohhh, it is so good. We love Edamame, and this roasted Edamame taste so good.

Dinner will be quite creative tonight, since I have so many veggies to play with:) Have a glorious Monday and always remember: Let Go, Let God!!


jen said...

Thank you for your blog - it always lifts my spirits up- your enthusiasm lightens my heart - thank you for being a wonderful example to other mums-
All the best
Jen in Canada

Julieann said...

Thank you so much Jen for your kind comment!!! It puts a smile on my face :)