Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Good Morning!
Today is my shopping day.
On my list of things to buy, are cleaning supplies:)
I am running low on a few things, like comet and window cleaner.
I have been using vinegar, but I really like this certain window cleaner. I have posted about it before. It comes in a an aerosol can....I can't think of the name...LOL. Maybe I need another cup of coffee.

Last night I made crockpot chicken, and I still have a bunch leftover, so I am going to make something with it for dinner.

The weather has been really nice. I feel bad for the other parts of the country that are having such terrible heat. I remember those days in Georgia, when you open the door and the heat just hits you in the face and you can't breath.
I also remember sitting on the porch at night and listening to all the sounds all around, like the tree frogs. We don't have lightening bugs here in California, so it was really neat for the kids to see them when we were in Georgia in April.

Also, in Georgia, Sweet Tea is a really big thing and my husband grew up drinking it. Here in California if you want sweet tea, you make it yourself. So I will make sweet tea for my husband. He showed me how to make it and how much sugar to add. Also, you heat the sugar you just don't pour it in the tea.

After, I am done here, I am going to sit down and write down my list for the store:)
I need things like foil, more fresh fruits and veggies. We go through a lot of fruits and veggies since I have gotten my juicer. If you have not gotten a juicer yet, you must. WE LOVE OURS! It is so healthy for you. Mine came with a recipe book, so there are just so many different drinks you can make. There are even recipes in the book in how to use the pulp:) I have not tried those recipes yet.

I will be back, lots to do today!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm always on the look-out for good crock-pot recipes, would you mind sharing yours?

DeNiece Barnes said...

We love sweet tea here in the Carolinas and I don't think that we could go through this hot summer with out it lol. It has been 98 degrees here with a heat index of 110 can we say hot......Have you tried sweet tea and mint together we love it here it is so cool and refreshing. When I make my tea I boil the tea bags on the stove and put the sugar in the pitcher and then I add the hot tea, stir, then I add cool water and place it in the freezer until its nice and cold yummy.... I could use my tea percolator that makes tea like a coffee machine but I like to boil it on the stove more....How do you guys make your tea... Love the new Autumn count down sign....I really need to get me one I am so over summer....

Julieann said...

Hi Michele, my crockpot chicken, was really simple. I cut up an onion and layered the chicken thighs over the onions and put some onion powder, garlic powder, chilli pepper, salt and pepper on it...and let it simmer all day:) The chicken made it's own juice and it was very tender:) Fell off the bone.

Hi DeNiece, no, I have never tried Mint in the tea, but it sure sounds refreshing:)Oh, I want a tea MIL has one:) I use about 7 tea bags, I do it on the stove too. I then make a simple syrup with a little water and sugar. My husband doesn't like his tea super sweet, so I use 3/4 of a cup of sugar.

I Googled Autumn countdown meter and this is what popped up. I am so excited for Fall to arrive:) You and I are fall girls...LOL;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julieann. (o:

The Lady of the House said...

I made your crockpot chicken in the oven and it turned out really good. Have you ever done it without the skin and did it turn out ok? Sometimes when I cook bone in chicken without the skin, it just doesn't seem as tender.

Julieann said...

Hi Lady, I am so glad the chicken came out good:) As for cooking it without the skin, I don't usually do it. Sometimes I get skinless, boneless chicken breats, but if I don't cook them just right they turn out dry. My husband really prefers the skin on, so that is usually how I cook it. I pick the skin off...LOL.