Monday, July 11, 2011



I thought this picture was pretty!

Today was a good day:)
I made pancakes for breakfast, mini pizzas for lunch and Macaroni and cheese with Bacon for dinner:)
Kevin is missing Dinner tonight, so it was a kid friendly kind of dinner.

I had to drive to Laguna Beach today, it brought back a lot of memories of when I learned to drive. My driving instructor told me if I can drive in Laguna Beach, I can drive anywhere...LOL.

It was a cooler day today then it has been in a few weeks.
We have had to turn the air on this past week, because the upstairs got really warm and uncomfortable. I am very thankful for that little luxury.

We have done quite a bit since school has gotten out, so it is always nice to stay around the house, and just enjoy everything around us.

Alexis just took a shower and is asking me to braid her hair. She likes the wavy look the braid makes her hair when she takes it out.
So I am going to go braid her hair.

Have a great Monday evening:)

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