Monday, July 18, 2011

Holly Hobbie!

I just loved Holly Hobbie, when I was a little girl.

I remember when I was a little girl, my mother had bought me a Holly Hobbie lunch box. I loved that lunch box. I was so excited to take it to school and use it. I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois until I was about ten years old. It was such a cold and snowy day. I was walking home from school and slipped on the ice, and my lunch box hit the hard ice, flew down the sidewalk. It was a plastic Holly Hobbie lunchbox and it cracked and I was never able to use it again. I was so heart broken. I would love to find that lunchbox. I don't know why that memory popped into my head, but I thought I would write it down:) That was kind of sad, huh?


For dinner:

It is a warm day today.
I filled up the blue plastic pool and filled up about 30 water balloons. I bought some normal party balloons, so the kids had some tiny water balloons and some really BIG water balloons...LOL.

On another note, I am turning 41 on Sunday!
41, I can not believe it...LOL.

Do you think 41 is too old to have another baby?


Anonymous said...

41 is not too old! My best friend just turned 43 and she had a baby 3 months ago (she did have to use ovulation stimulating drugs to up her chances of conceiving). Her little man is perfectly healthy. Just follow your heart :) xo Stephanie

Mrs. U said...

First off, LOVED Holly Hobbie!!! I believe my sister had a lunchbox, too, with her on it!!! GREAT memories!!!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Julieann!! YAY!!! As a fellow 41 year old, I do NOT think it is too old to have another baby!!! I am soooo ready to adopt again and I will DEFINITELY be praying for the Lord to open your womb again with a little blessing!!!


Mrs. U

Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday a tad early! Our 41 is not our Mother's 41...if you are in good health and your doctor believes it is safe and if you and your husband are in agreement, why not have another child? We know they are blessings...I too find myself longing for another. 41 is just right around the corner for me too!

Julieann said...

Thank you all for the comments:)

Chrissy, I love that:) 41 is not our mother's 41 ::giggles:::

My heart would love another baby. I just can not fathom leaving this world never having that new baby feeling..It is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I just love my children sooo much.

My doctor says there is no reason why I shouldn't have another baby:)


Anonymous said...

where i am from in kansas, you have them till you go into menopause. thats how farmwives back in the day did it. my daughters mother-in-law is 49 and has a 3 and 5 yr old, and then the older 7 kids. the women here are marrying off their older children and are newly pregnant. the women (mothers) that is:) so don't worry about it.> go ahead and do it!!!

Katie said...

Women should not have children after 40 ... forty children are too many!

:) LOL

Julieann said...

Katie, you got went over my head for a second...LOL;)