Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Welcome Spetember and Fred!

He's Back....LOLPlease, everyone welcome my dear scarecrow Fred back. He is so happy to back. Everytime I go through the front door he makes me smile. I know it isn't officially fall, but Fred really puts me in the mood for all the wonderful days to come:) I love getting the home ready for the holidays.

I did a lot already this morning. I did all my laundry, but now, I have this huge task of putting them away. I need to bring them upstairs off my dining room table. I can't stand the clutter on my table, so I am going to work hard and try and get it all put away. Then on to kitchen work:)

Oh, also, I bought a bag of mini sweet peppers, and now I am at a loss of what to with them. Any ideas or recipes? My daughter just enjoys eating them right out of the bag:)

Happy Wednesday and welcome September!


Jenny said...

Hello, Fred!!! Welcome back! The days are still so warm around here, but the breeze has a hint of coolness. It just feels like fall is coming. So different from the way the breeze feels when winter is almost over. Maybe it has something to do with humidity. I don't know. All I know is that I like the way it feels.

I ushered in September by changing out my purse and shoes. Bye bye sandals and straw. Hello Mary Janes and leather. The wreath will soon make its debut, and my home will start to look like fall day by day.

Good luck with laundry. It is such a full time job nowadays, especially with lots of loved ones for which to wash.

Tatersmama said...

I LOVE those little sweet peppers and buy them all the time!
I like to eat them straight out of the bag - sometimes with some cheese and crackers, or I use them in soups and stews as well.
Chopped in scrambled eggs... stuffed with cheese and baked...
It's all good!

We're just coming into spring here (HA! - so they say) but we're due for one of the biggest rainfalls of the season this weekend. Up to 4inches, so they say. And with this drought... Bring it on!